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flair bartending 

Easy to connect to 15k+ internationals flair bartenders

100% free - Easy to use - More than 50+ Rooms

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Create your profile

Easy to upload photo and video. Automatic google referring and easy social networks linking.


Practice online

Select from over 50+ different Rooms.
Working flair,exhibition flair,

multi-tin, battle and more.


Join a team

Create with your friends or join in a flair bartending team.

Amazing bartenders, waiting for you

Choose from 50+ flair rooms for your practice time . filled by flair bartenders around the world.

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Meet new friends

Groups are made up of experienced and passionate bartenders who share their skills and knowledge with guests. There are groups of bartenders and professionals specialised in different fields, united by the inextinguishable passion for flair bartending. Come and meet us!

Flair everywhere

Since making the app available to users around the world, FLAIR FLOW has been committed to achieving its goal: to simplify, connect and lighten the lives of flair bartenders forever. Providing a unique user experience every day. With all the simple features always at your disposal, you will instantly join our servers.

Now with flair bartending community You can practice flair bartending Where you want.


Increase Your Skills

Our flair rooms offer community members the most interesting training sessions and flair movements. Don't complicate your life, find all the interesting workouts on our Flair bartending community. Improve your bartender technique and skills.

Join in flair bartending community

One solution for all your needs


50+ flair rooms

Select from over 50+ different Rooms. Working flair,exhibition flair, multi-tin, battle and more.


Flair forum

Join the flair forum, read what other users are sharing or start a discussion yourself.


Member profile

Easy to upload photo and video. Boost your online presence with auto google 

referring and easy social networks linking.


100% Free

FLAIR FLOW is the flair community you were looking for: innovative and avant-garde, it allows you to training wherever you want, free and simple with a click.


Meet friends

Meeting us is a special occasion, in which to build new friendships and opportunities to improve your skills in teams.


Gain followers

We will do everything necessary to make your target notice you. Whether it's strategic targeting, multimedia placement or events, we have the right tools to make our members stand out.

This is how you became a Flair Community member

Whether you are a professional or simply an enthusiast, our platform has everything you want: news, insights, tips and many useful free resources.

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